Getting second hand goodies like a pro

Up until fairly recently, I was dubious of eBay. I found that it was a great place to sell my unwanted clothes (I usually donate old clothes to the charity shop, but old student habits die hard and if the item was branded or still had tags on, I would always turn to eBay for some extra cash) but after watching plenty of friends get poor quality items off  eBay, I didn’t think the buying side of the site was right for me.

Until recently.

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Girl Got Goals

Monday’s blog post came unexpectedly – I had the urge to start writing and get back in to the blogging world as quickly as possible. However, with a few days breathing room, I thought it might be worth outlining some of my more concrete goals for the year ahead. I absolutely love reading these kind of posts on other people’s blogs – I find them really inspiring, and they often lead me to think about whether I can incorporate other people’s resolutions in to my own life. Either that, or I’m a nosy old so-and-so.

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Oh hi WordPress, it’s been a little while. A long while, in fact. But it’s 2017 now, and along with droves of other bloggers, I’m returning to my favourite corner of the internet to try and breathe a little life back in to my much loved blog.

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Loving this month: SEPTEMBER

I’m a little bit late this month, because life tends to get in the way of blogging; however, I wrote this a little while back! These posts are timed a little weird as they tend to work mid month – mid month, rather than from the beginning to end of a month. That means this post should be more accurately titled ‘Loving this month: Late August – Mid September’ but that’s just not so snappy, right?

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Natural Lipstick Lowdown


This month I’ve been lucky enough to get my mitts on three new natural lipsticks. I’m a huuuuge lipstick fan – it’s hands down my favourite type of cosmetic, and I’m sure I’ve banged on about it plenty of times before. I love how a slightly different colour can change your entire face, instantly making you look more perky and alive. I’m also, at the grand old age of 22, finally getting on board with red liptick. I’d previously shied away, thinking it made me look too pale, or too dressed up, or that it had a distinctly un-Aimee air about it. But no more!

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Loving this month: AUGUST

As I try and breathe a bit of new life in to Tomorrow Living, I want to introduce a few features which will crop up on a monthly basis. I know a lot of bloggers do a similar post to this, but I’m a nosy old thing and they’re some of my favourite posts to read. I also like to chat a lot about things which I think are fab so these sorts of posts may stop me from winding up my friends and family who don’t want to hear about what’s just happened in the book I’m currently reading for the 85th time. So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been enjoying this month.

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What comes next?

Regardless of what year you do it in, finishing university is a bit of an odd experience. This year, however, felt like a particularly weird one. Not that I’ve had the pleasure of graduating before, but the combination of Brexit, a new PM, a terrifying wave of violence across Europe and the Middle East, and the general feeling of despondency which permeated London during much of June and July made finishing University quite daunting. University was a pleasant bubble, and the real world wasted no time in popping it.

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